Sergej Loginov

Sergej Loginov

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First Name * Sergej
Last Name * Loginov
Username * corroc
Country * Ukraine
Nationality russian
Languages Russian



Availability: Freelance


I am a graphic artist, a book designer using hand materials (such as Indian ink, pen, water-colour, gouache, tempera) as well as computer (bitmapped) graphics - Adobe Photoshop, Corel Painter.
My works are stored at private art collections in Russia, Ukraine, USA, Germany, Israel, Czechia and Hungary.
Collaborating with different Ukrainian and Russian publishing houses, I find it difficult to tell the precise or even an approximate number of books designed and illustrated by me, but surely it’s more than 200. My work also includes designing of postcards, posters, etc. I have performed about a 1000 of postcards and comic posters.
A member of the National Union of Ukrainian Artists.